Butterfly on a jug – textile embroidery 2015


For Sale £250. It measures 39 x 39 cm.  It took one week to complete of which two days were spent on the butterfly. This is silk that has been silk painted, backed with felt and covered in free machine and hand embroidery.  The border is finished using dissolving fabric. I was keen to do something with a piece that displayed the uniqueness of textile as a medium. I was influenced by the Dutch still life paintings which often have insects on them, as it is textile I was able to add a 3D butterfly to this piece.  The entire butterfly is done by hand embroidery, the antenna is from a seagull feather.  To create the fine detail I unravelled thread to have a finer thread as otherwise it was too clumsy.  The butterfly is anchored to the piece with hand stitching through the body.


Abundance – Textile 2016

Full Circle (Self Portrait) – Textile 2016

Tulip – textile embroidery 2015

The Fruit Selection – textile embroidery