The Joust – Textile embroidery 1994


The Piece is 112 x 79cm.  It took two months to complete. Further information on this piece can be viewed on a video here. This is the first piece that I decided to try and cover the whole piece of silk with embroidery in an attempt to make the work stronger,  The base of the piece is silk that has been silk dyed.  The scene is based on medieval manuscript images and tapestries / hangings.  The use of a Joust allowed me to play with lots of bold colours. The piece is mostly free machine embroidery with some hand embroidery on the people’s faces.  The border is inspired by the Fleur de Lys.


Abundance – Textile 2016

Full Circle (Self Portrait) – Textile 2016

Tulip – textile embroidery 2015

The Fruit Selection – textile embroidery