Enamel Portraits

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I have taken up enamelling and have been doing some hand painted enamel portraits.  Here are some working pictures of a portrait of Alex completed in early 2018.

The first thing I need to do is cut the copper base to shape, then a base of gold flux enamel is added and fired to the copper base:

Next is wet packing the copper base with opal enamel, 3 coats fired each time:

Then I begin with the portrait outline:


Below is a picture of the portrait outline after it has been fired:


The next picture details the first layer of vitreous enamel paint marking out features and lines, this was then fired:

After firing the first coat of paint colours always change:

Below is the 2nd coat of paint, each time a coat of paint is added it has to be fired:

The picture needs to be built up in thin layers, below is the 3rd coat of paint:

The 4th coat:

5th coat:

Final coat

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