Self portrait & animal thread paintings – video

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Juanita is currently working on a self portrait, it is part of a series of thread painting family portraits.  The textile is a silk painted background with machine and hand embroidery over the surface.  This video details the work in progress:

This next video details the thread portraits Juanita has done of animals:

Other Techniques

Fabric Painting – Flowers

I decided to recreate my painting Abundance as a textile. Above – Abundance Painting (Acrylic on Wood) I usually use silk paint when painting onto silk however with this new textile I have used fabric paint and silk dye.  I wanted to create a detailed fabric picture, in the past fabric paints would often go […]

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Creating Textile Faces

Painting and drawing faces is very difficult and it is no different when it comes to painting a face using thread.  The techniques I use to create faces in my work has evolved over time, increasing the use of thread as my confidence and skills have grown. The first textile faces I worked on was […]

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