Copper Kettle – Textile embroidery 2013


Copper Kettle won Picture of the Year at Brighton and Hove Arts Council in April 2014.

Copper Kettle was produced as a painting first then replicated as a textile embroidery. The piece is 83 x 80cm. This piece was first done as an acrylic painting on wood, I then wanted to recreate a similar picture in textile.  The piece is silk that has been silk painted and backed with felt and covered in free machine and hand embroidery. Wadding, felt and pelmet violine (pelmet stuffing) has been used to pad areas of the textile to give it a 3D effect.

The piece is influence by Dutch still life paintings.  The first border was the small orange band but I felt it was not enough so I added the textile border that uses all the colours from the piece.  I did seeding by hand throughout the piece in the background this was to help flatten the piece to emphasise the 3D elsewhere in the piece.  I did as much as possible in this piece to highlight the textile medium and make it different to the Copper Kettle painting that I did first.


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